Why are Study Skills a success factor - I already know how to study?

Correct! … you  DO know how to study.  However, academic success isn’t just about getting things done – efficiency & effectiveness matter. For example, if you had to travel 10 miles for shopping and could choose between going by bike or car, which would you take?  If you think about it, both will get you there, but the car will do it more efficiently by saving you time and effort.  The study skills required for high school are similar to the bike in this example, and the skills referred to in this factor are like the car.  Many students don’t know it, but the academic demands of college require upgrading your set of skills, and without doing this, you may find yourself falling behind and struggling unnecessarily.  Skill areas include note taking, writing, reading textbooks, using library resources, test-taking … and more.

The Bottom Line:  Don’t get caught with outdated study skills in college.  Relying on old study skills is like using dial-up for internet connection when you could be using wireless high-speed.  Successful students are always curious about newer and better ways to approach their studies (they don’t settle for what they have had for a few years).  Be curious and keep a competitive edge by exploring new approaches that enable you to study smarter, not harder.