LASk 1102: Academic Success

  • Description: This 2-credit class helps students who are at risk academically* build a plan for success. Students receive weekly instruction as well as the opportunity to meet with and discuss ideas with other students who are facing similar challenges.
  • LASk 1102 helps student learn what to do when:
    • Personal factors interfere with performance
    • Students are unhappy with the institution or degree program in which they are currently enrolled There are problems in specific courses Students' approaches to study are not bringing good results
    • A student is not really sure s/he wants to be in college
  • A permission number is not needed to register for this course. You may find the course listed in the Class Search, using "LASK" as a subject search term.  Feel free to contact the SASS Director at 612-626-0150 with any additional questions.

* "At risk" meaning on academic probation, suspension, etc.